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      • Five Finalists per session will be invited to pitch their ideas to a live audience during the Aspen Ideas Festival for an opportunity to win $25,000 and to attend the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival to share their progress.
      • Crowdfunding will be available for Finalists from June 24 to August 31. This is an opportunity for the greater community to help bring the projects to life.
      • All ideas, selected or not, have the opportunity to receive exposure and benefit from the expertise of the community through comments and evaluations.



      During the Aspen Ideas Festival, five Finalists per festival will pitch their ideas to a live panel of judges at the Festival, vying for a chance to win a prize of up to $25,000 to put their idea into action. Winners will be invited to next year’s Aspen Ideas Festival to share their progress with a live audience and will have the have the opportunity to solicit crowdfunding donations during the Ideas Festival until August 31.

      During the Live Pitch Events, judges will evaluate ideas based on the same evaluation criteria listed above and will consider live votes from the crowd.



      The Awards process involves two evaluation periods: one to select the Finalists and one to select the winners. Once the submission period closes on May 2, a panel of judges from the Aspen Institute, its partners and supporters, and Booz Allen Hamilton will select five Finalists from each of the three Festival sections using a combination of crowd votes and the pre-selected evaluation. Please see the criteria below:

      • Innovation:  Extent to which a new, unexpected, or inventive approach is used to tackle the problem.
      • Degree of need:  Significance of the problem that the entry addresses (significance to the community or society).
      • Sustained impact:  Likelihood that the solution would solve or significantly mitigate the problem and have a lasting impact on the community over time.
      • Replication factor:  The project’s solution could be duplicated in other communities facing similar challenges.
      • Feasibility:  Likelihood the entry could be executed given sufficient resources (including resources beyond the $25,000 award).
      • Prize money impact: Degree to which the $25,000 would make a difference in executing the project.



      Throughout the entire process you can build upon the ideas submitted by offering your feedback and support in three ways:

      • If you would like to build upon an idea, use the “comment” feature in the platform to contribute to the conversation publically. Others may add to something you say, or may post their own comments on the idea. Ideas owners will be notified of comments and may also respond through this forum.
      • If you possess expertise in an area of need identified by idea owners in their submission, you may also wish to volunteer to become a mentor. To do this, click on the, “Become a Mentor” tab on the right side of the idea, and your information will be shared with the idea owner and the general public.
      • If you would like to contact the idea owner in private, or would like to volunteer mentorship in a non-public manner, you can send a “private message.” You can access this feature by clicking on “My Inbox” at the top of the page. Click + New Message. Start typing in the name of the idea owner. It will pop up. Select their name. Enter your message and click send.



      Want to support an entry? In addition to being eligible for the grand prize, Finalists will be invited to create a Generosity by Indiegogo fundraiser ( that not only will run on Generosity but also will be displayed on the Booz Allen Aspen Ideas Award site from June 24 to August 31. During the crowdfunding phase, fundraisers will be eligible to receive donations at either site that will be processed by Generosity. If the organization is listed as a United States 501c3 nonprofit, payment of receipt may be used as a tax deduction for those living in the United States. See this page for more information on Generosity fees, this page for Generosity Terms of Use and this page for the Generosity Help Center.